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We are a digital agency for entertainment, lifestyle & fashion brands providing social media marketing, pr, web/graphic design, and media production.

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Your brand is boring, has no personality, and fails to resonate. Now what? We can bring your brand to life in an authentic way online and connect you to your audience.


We are a Social Media Agency for brands in the Arts, Entertainment, & Lifestyle industries.


Our services include developing brand personalities, branded content, social media strategic marketing, custom online communities, targeted follower growth, digital print PR, graphic design, web design, and video/audio production. Find Out More…

Online Brand Identity® (OBI)


We pioneered our proprietary Online Brand Identity® (OBI) methodology where through research and a deep understanding of your core business values and goals, we construct a colorful multi-dimensional personality for your brand that will serve as your brand’s online “voice”. The OBI is critical because it helps to create a meaningful, authentic point of view for your brand from which creative content and a true growing audience can be born.

Branded Content Creation


Why do some brands garner cult-like followings online that drive massive sales and ROI, while others sit there stale and under the radar? It’s simple. The popular brands understand that amazing content is the new advertising that is much more authentic and effective at connecting with their audience, creating scalable awareness, and separating from the competition. After we develop for you a custom Online Brand Identity®, our creative team brings your brand to life through gorgeous online content taking full advantage of all forms of visual media

Building Your Audience


With a clear OBI® brought to life through engaging, interesting, gorgeous content, a hyper-targeted audience can be born around your brand. There is no such thing as viral content. There is simply great content and “ok content”. The great content is what resonates with people, gets them to share your company with all of their friends and colleagues, and turns them into die-hard followers of your brand. We couple this organic growth along with strategic partnerships, online PR, and the use of software tools to intelligently find and target your audience online.




Our digital PR team, lead by an MBA graduate from The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School, has secured media placement in traditional publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, as well as dozens of online blogs and electronic magazines. Our digital PR services include developing EPKs (Electronic Press Kits),

VERVE Management offers a full suite of graphic design services including corporate branding (logo, stationary, business cards, envelopes), packaging, and advertisements. Our talented team of designers, many from top design schools such as FIT and Parsons, can completely re-imagine and transform your brand, as well as bring your ideas to life in a thoughtful way.

A VERVE Management-designed website is no ordinary website. It fuses brilliant design, a thoughtful sales-process, & clean, crisp coding into a unique browsing experience. Our team of copywriters and designers will craft your brand’s story and tell it in a compelling way while incorporating an ROI-focus with cutting edge technology.

Whether you are looking to develop a promotional video, movie trailer, behind-the-scenes feature, commercial, or any other kind of visual content, our team will help you craft an engaging and entertaining video that incorporates the latest visual, audio, sound effects, and copywriting, as well as vocal and acting talent into a professional production.